Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse Reading: Ascending the Stairs and Mountain Peaks

Here are cards I pulled yesterday and meant to post on the day of the eclipse, a big to-do, especially here in the U.S. where it could be seen in near totality in most areas, and totality in others.

I did the pull with the query of 'what significance does the eclipse have directly for me?' and this was my answer: 9 of Wands, 3 of Pentacles, 7 of Pentacles and Death.

Looking at this quad of cards my first impression was that of 'efforting'...it felt like an uphill climb. I think the combination of the stairs energy in the 9 of Wands, and the mountain image in the 3 of Pentacles, and the oddly vertical line of pentacles in the 7 of Pentacles, made me think of this ascending energy. But it felt like a huge effort.

The 9 of Wands is often that heavy step of vigilance--the agonized waiting. It has a battle-weary feeling to it. The 7 of Pentacles requires a lot of patience. It's a long-term card of assessing and re-assessing situations. This, combined with the 3 of Pentacles, made me think it was about re-assessing my long-term potential and prospects with regards to work and career. I feel pretty weary with it all--I'm tired of doing freelance stuff, and not really getting that many jobs, but also not really want to rely on the unstable concept of it. I also wonder if I'm putting my energy in an area that I don't even want to emphasize anymore. I think all of these questions go under the heading of re-evaluation/reset, which is August's theme over at Power Path.

And, finally, we have my old friend Death...the card that has been coming up a lot lately, along with the 8 of Cups and sometimes the 8 of Wands. I feel it's time for a change--a time to move on to new and brighter prospects, to something more interesting and, probably, challenging. I am not being challenged by the same ole, same ole, which is what I've been doing the past decade or so. The biggest challenges (by far) have been in parenting, and as (I hope) things are ameliorated stress-wise in that area, I can move on to other challenges while still holding and honoring my parental duties.

Back to Death. Change is good. We really can't allow ourselves to stagnate for too long in any one area--and I know there are a few areas where I definitely have allowed this to happen. It's OK and it makes sense, but there it is. Now to turn my attention to how I can facilitate this change that's seeking to find me.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Repeat Cards: Endings and Finding New Foci

Here is a quad of cards I pulled today. I noticed some repeat cards: Death, 8 of Cups and 8 of Wands. This is one which FEELS like it's about something very specific but I can't quite put my finger on it. It seems clear from these recent pulls that some chapter is very consciously ending and another beginning. This isn't a bad thing, but can sometimes leave an emotional toll as it's happening.

I do feel, in general, the 8 of Cups shows leaving the known for the unknown, and the Death card enhances this meaning. I like the description I saw over at Aeclectic:

The querent may genuinely care for these familiar cups (things or people) whether or not they lived up to expectations. A crazy new dream, however, is calling to him, maybe has been calling for a while. His instincts are to follow the dream. But good idea or not (an inverted card might suggest that it's a bad idea or an illusion), he'll need fortitude to do this. It is easy to give your emotions freely to what is known, harder to give them to what is unknown. Yet the unknown is what will likely raise you up to a new level.

Yes...that's definitely the hard part for me--having the strength, dynamism and fortitude (which I think is what the Chariot is about here), the energy and will, to do something else.  Nothing changes until you do (the title of a book of an author/speaker I like to listen to), and that can sometimes be a painful reality to wake up to. No one will hand me a new reality on a plate-I have to decide to take it on.

Much Love,

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Abandoning Career Delusions, Deciding to Just Do Stuff

Here is the reading I did for myself today. I didn't have a topic, but I wanted to see what themes came up. I feel like I understand the gist of this reading, but there is always a ton of room for interpretation. Tarot reading is a lot like dream interpretation in that way; there are standard meanings and dream symbols, but there is a lot of wiggle room when it comes to what certain things mean. And, ultimately, the most important meaning is the one the reader/dreamer gives to the scenario. 

Just because it's an easy format I'll explain each card in turn:

  • Son of Pentacles: As the first card in the draw, I always feel this holds significance and usually sets the theme--shows the topic/crux of the reading. In a general sense, the Son of Pentacles represents a practical beginning. Something new in the arena of career and/or health. There are always multiple options in this area. Some examples might be to start taking classes in a certain area. It could mean learning the ropes in some way. It could mean implementing a business idea or money management plan. It could mean starting a new diet, health or exercise regime. But whatever it is shows a focus in money, career or health. 
  • 8 of Cups: This is a repeat card for me today. I pulled the 8 of Cups this morning (with another deck--on my phone, actually) and it resonated as well. I actually love this card, as melancholy as it often is. Abandoned success--moving on to something more meaningful. A search for purpose, often new vocation or an entirely new focus. This version is particularly intense and poignant. Look at all those shattered cups! Normally, the cups are seen as totally whole, still entirely intact. The person has chosen to abandon the current situation, no matter how viable it is, because it no longer holds any meaning or draw. In this deck it feels even more dire that a new direction has to be taken. Ill health and stagnation are mentioned as current realities, or near-future realities, if action isn't taken. It even uses the phrase, 'Nothing good remains for you here.' Wowza! 
  • 3 of Pentacles: This is the work card in a collaborative sense. My first thought was that, while the 8 of Cups shows a mountain in shadow, the 3 of Pentacles shows an illuminated mountainside. Things are clearer, and you're collaborating with colleagues in some way. Maybe the way for me to gain more momentum in a work arena is to reach out to others--people I can work with instead of feeling like a lonely island. I've tried to do freelance for so long, with minimal success and also minimal enjoyment. I wonder if I should pursue something more social. Part of me really cringes to read that because I like being independent. But it may not be the best option for me right now.
  • Two of Swords: This is the stalemate card--a card of indecision and confusion. Well, actually, that's not entirely true. It's not so much confusion as it is not really wanting to decide or make a choice. You know what is happening and you're well aware of the options, but you are stalling. The original image is one of a person wearing a blindfold. They've chosen to close their eyes to the truth of the situation because they don't like the fact that they have to make a decision. How long can a person go before actually taking that first step out?
  • Fool: Don't you love this card? Cute birdy. He's a baby bird having to trust the flying process, even though he's never done it. This is great advice for me. I've gotten lazy about taking chances. If I don't have to take any chances I just don't. I wait around until things become so annoying or unbearable that I jump. Jump and grow wings on the way down, to quote a saying.
  • 8 of Wands: The final card of this reading is another one of my favorites. I like that the last two cards of this reading are very pro risk-taking and dynamic. This is one of the speediest cards of the tarot. Things happening immediately. This, along with the Fool, was my recommendation/homework duo. Taking chances, taking action. Not hesitating. Jumping off that cliff, trying stuff out.
So, my takeaway from this reading is that, in order to find the meaning I am looking for in a career sense (and perhaps health-wise, too) I have to just get out there and take chances, and maybe collaborate more with other people who might be able to assist me on my path.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Late August Trio: Rooting Out Bad Foundations

Here's a trio I just pulled focusing in on the remainder of this month. I can't believe we're less than two weeks away from September! I can already feel autumn in the air in the mornings, and stores are putting out their Halloween and fall decorations.

I thought this was a rather intense answer to my query of what to focus on for the rest of this month, but it was an interesting answer, which is good. I think? I find that when analyzing readings it is better to not try to be too fatalistic about intense cards. I don't do it when I read for others so I don't want to subject myself to unnecessary fear.

The sense I got from this reading was mostly visual, especially the tree imagery. But if you're looking at the meanings themselves the 6 of Cups can represent the past, nostalgia, childhood, or even our own children. But one of the main meanings that carries through is to not dwell too deeply on the past, to not get sucked into it.

I feel this message of not getting drawn too far back into our own histories is shown here with the Death and Tower cards. Both are indicative of major change and endings. The former describes a timely death--from summer to fall for instance. The latter describes more of a rude awakening--something that wasn't too good to begin with and has to be re-built due to poor foundations.

On a very literal level, this also reminds me of all the dental visits we have this month. We're all WAY overdue for them, and we're finally all going to the dentist this month. My daughter had a checkup a week or so ago, and as a result has to have a baby tooth pulled because one of the roots isn't dissolving and the permanent tooth needs to come in. Nothing major, but the image of roots and uprooting in this trio definitely remind me of that. Her appointment to have that done is on Monday. It's a very simple procedure with only local anesthesia. I have my check-up next Thursday.  But you see what I mean about the symbolism?

Anyway, I admit the Tower is not my favorite card to see. I don't mind the Death card, but paired WITH the Tower it seems quite pointed. However, I am not going to let it bother me too much. I admit I'm nervous since my daughter's school starts next week and I sure hope this year goes more smoothly than the last.

On a final symbolic note, this reminds me a little of the dream I had this morning. Side note: the 6 of Cups seems like it can mean 'multiple children' just from the images I've seen for the 6 of Cups, showing two or more kids. Anyway. In the dream I found out I was pregnant, even though I had what I thought was my period, but it only lasted a couple of days. It turns out I was pregnant, and when this came to light I was very excited. When I woke up I was a little sad, because it uncovered a latent (buried) desire to have a second child that I put aside years ago when my daughter's health issues were most intense and the idea of having another child was really not doable.

And now, after my husband has had a vasectomy about five years ago and I'm in my late 30's and have put that all to rest, I still have those thoughts from time to time, but when I'm awake I realize it's not really what I want anymore.  But I also have found that accessing my creativity easily is pretty stilted as well. So I'm hoping I can break through that inertia and sadness that has crept up over the past several years and held me hostage. I think the best thing we can do for ourselves when we're overcome by grief, responsibility or just weariness of the world is to move forward with as much joy and sincerity as we can muster--because life is too short to be bummed out.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

September Tea Leaf Reading

I whipped out the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards (one of my favorite decks, as you might notice if you follow my blog) and pulled some cards for September. I admit, this deck can be a little snarky to use, so I wasn't sure how this pull would shake out, but at least this particular pull was very positive. I didn't push my luck by pulling more than four cards for September.

In any event, these are the cards I got, and I am totally good with that, especially given some of the other pulls I've done with them this month which I've not shared here with you. Ha! I'll take my mellow card pulls where I can get them.

I like the theme of lightheartedness, good news, guidance and clarity, and then work success. This is all of the things I've been hoping for and brainstorming lately, but unable to quite get there. Perhaps with the current retrograde and so much up in the air, both career-wise and otherwise, I just need to work some things out and be patient in a few areas. It's not easy--that patience thing.

Much Love,

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Illuminated Tarot: Six Card Pull About My Daughter

Bullet points from what I see in this reading:

Top Row:
  • Finding balance through using my intuition, getting time alone to ground, moving through transitions with self-confidence.
Bottom Row:
  • My daughter learning emotional balance and blossoming into maturity as a result.

These brief comments are based on the specific question I put to the cards and what I saw upon pulling the cards. I could spend longer interpreting it, but I find my initial interpretation is usually the most accurate and spontaneous.

Much Love,